About Paramount Wire Company

Paramount Wire Company, Inc. (PWC) was founded in 1916 in the Greenwich Village section of Manhattan, New York. Built by first-generation American immigrants during World War I, PWC quickly established a reputation as a quality supplier of hardware, farming, and construction-type wires. During the years of World War II, there was a military need for the wire PWC was specializing in. As well as fulfilling its government contracts, PWC expanded both its product line and customer base. After nearly 30 years, PWC outgrew its Bleecker Street facility and relocated to Brooklyn, where it would reside for the next 50 years.

In the 1950s, PWC expanded beyond steel products with the formation of CBC Metal Supply Corporation, with a product range now including copper, brass, and aluminum-based alloys. As both PWC and CBC continued to grow and plans were being made to launch the ParaWire craft wire product line, the demand was growing for more space. In 1995, PWC relocated to the iconic Packard building in East Orange, New Jersey.

Paramount Wire Headquarters
Originally built for Packard Motor Company, now the home of Paramount Wire & CBC Metal.

For the past century, Paramount Wire Co. has meticulously maintained its commitment to producing only the highest-quality wire. While PWC has always focused primarily on steel wire products, CBC Metal Supply has a strong market presence in copper, brass, aluminum, nickel silver, stainless steel, and other metals. CBC Metal Supply not only supplies the highest-quality wire, but sheet metal, bars, and tubing as well.

In 1998, Paramount Wire Co. launched the original ParaWire.com website and introduced its newest product line for crafters and artisans: a non-tarnishing, colored copper wire and non-tarnishing, silver plated wire. Today, ParaWire is produced in more than 35 colors that are round, nine colors that are square, and seven that are half round. We’re also developing new tools for wire crafting, and we’re always working with top designers to offer the most current ideas.

Today, Paramount Wire Co. and CBC Metal Supply are as committed as ever to bringing you the best metal products made. Let us know what we can do for you!

Paramount Wire Team