Industrial Wire Coiling

Paramount Wire Company provides custom coiling services based on required specifications for clients with needs across a wide range of projects, applications, and industries.

Whether on the job or doing small repairs around the house or garden, you must have confidence in the wire that you are using. Confidence is what you’ll have when using Paramount Wire. All of our wire is available in coil form. With coil sizes ranging from twenty feet to thousands of pounds, and coil diameters ranging from 3″ to 22″.Whether you need 18 galvanized annealed in a 1# coil, 20 copper in a 50# coil, or 12 dark annealed in a 500# coil, Paramount Wire is the company that delivers.

Our clean, modern manufacturing facility and convenient location makes our company a premier choice for custom coiling solutions. The Paramount team prides itself on providing excellent customer service to assist clients at every step of their shopping process. Paramount Wire Company has the equipment and decades of experience needed to deliver industrial wire coiling projects at unparalleled quality on time, at reasonable costs customers can depend on.

Request a quote today for your custom industrial wire coiling services. Paramount Wire Company also provides expert industrial wire spooling and straightening.