Industrial Wire Spooling Services

Paramount Wire Company provides our clients with professional industrial wire spooling solutions. Our team of experienced industry professionals provides support on projects ranging from simple respooling to complex orders requiring control of tension, winding pitch, and length.

Paramount Wire Company has the ability to spool wire as thin as .006″ to as thick as 1.05″ diameter. We can spool soft wire or hard wire. We can also make spools of nearly any distance or weight; as short as six feet of wire on a spool to as large as 500 pounds.

We combine our technical expertise for industrial wire spooling with quality customer service, quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing. Paramount Wire Company has the equipment and decades of experience needed to take on industrial wire spooling projects of any size. We stock a large variety of spools that range in size from holding a few grams of fine diameter wires to hundreds of pounds of industrial grade wire.

Contact Paramount Wire Company today to learn more about our industrial wire spooling services.  Our company also provides expert industrial wire straightening and cutting services.