Industrial Wire Straightening & Cutting

Paramount Wire Company has decades of experience supplying customers across multiple industries and professions with precise straight cut-to-length wire. Our experienced team can assist with creating the exact custom wire form necessary to suit various production needs and specifications.

Our straightening and cutting department is as versatile as it is efficient. We have the technology to straighten wire as fine as .008 inches and as thick as 3/8 of an inch; as long as 240 inches to as short as one inch. Our experienced machinists can straighten soft copper, spring tempered stainless steel, or anything in between. Whatever your company’s particular straightening and cutting needs are we will meet. Outstanding customer service and offering the most reliable and dependable wire straightening and cutting services available in the industry today are our top priorities.

Paramount Wire Company offers rapid turnaround times, economical pricing, and can produce high volume orders to keep your business stocked and running with high quality straightened precision cut wire. We also provide expert industrial wire spooling and coiling services.